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Don’t let your father get to you. I am a game programmer, talk about a male dominated world. I dealt with shit like that as I grew up but my dad is also amazingly extremely racist. So on top all of the “why are you talking programming, you won’t be as good as the boys in the class” I also got to hear about how all the “Mexicans” were moving into the neighborhood and making it a terrible place to live. When they raised minimum wage he was complaining about how “all the black people and Mexicans do not deserve greater pay because they do not work for it.” AND then he went on to complain about how it would cause things to cost more for him and that was unacceptable. UGH! That is just the tip of the gross iceberg.

Ya know what, he is a doctor. A VERY WELL EDUCATED DOCTOR! And somehow he thinks as a white male he is better than everyone else. I prove him wrong every single day by being who I am and he still doesn’t get it. I love my dad, I really do but I went to college 8 hours away and moved across the country afterwards. I visit once every few years, I can’t stand more than that.

So really, do not give up and do not listen to him. Things will get better and you can choose to avoid them and hopefully correct these misconceptions as you get older and create your own life.


Just had an idea to remake the hair colour guide and this is the result!

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I didnt think Isabelle could be any cute until I saw this video!


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I’m sure everyone made the joke but friend told me to post it so I obey friend.