I just bought a house. A REAL house. Now…the question is how hard is it to build furniture like there is Animal Crossing….


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I havent played ac in a while and worry about my villagers moving away.. and sometimes wonder what kind of adventures my old villagers are having in other towns


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One of my ACNL villager dreamies! ♥♥♥



I forgot to sell some crowns that I left in my storage, sooo I’ll give them away to someone! There’s a total of 27 crowns, and the most money you can get from that is actually 13,500,000 Bells, if you know your way around Re-tail. Just reblog or like this once to get an entry and I’ll choose someone randomly in the next two hours or so!

if you wait until a lazy camper is in your town and do this trick, you can make over 27mil with that amount of crowns!! 


cute acnl villagers <3

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